I am PowerSnail. This is where I write, about programming, music, cooking, and reading. Blogging is a form of daydream: the blissful indulgence of an imagined audience, like a snail who climbs to the top of a grass blade, raising its tentacles into the wind, as if it has a voice that resounds through the whole world.

Recent status

Saw a wonderful performance at Berkeley on Saturday. The joyful Haydn, the brooding Schumann, and the weeping and dancing Tchaikovsky. Such a lovely performance from Viano String Quartet!

Photo of the Quartet’s performance

Three updates to the blog: font-size slightly varies depending on viewport width, much smaller CSS, and using parcel-css to process CSS instead of Hugo’s built-in pipeline.

Recent posts

TIL: HTML Has a <time> Tag

Today I learned that HTML has a <time> tag which supplements a written date and time with a machine-readable format.1 Supposedly, this helps with parsability, and in turn, good for accessibility.

Engage the Pinky During Bow Change

How I fixed my shaky bow down bow by learning to exert my pinky · A lesson from Nathan Cole’s Video · Sensation vs Reality

A few fun discoveries about Stable Diffusion

Testing the literary limit of Stable Diffusion with literature

Fixing Grub2 Theme Preview on Opensuse Tumbleweed

To use Grub2 theme preview on openSUSE, two environment variables needs to be overridden.

Making Score In URL

Announcing Score In URL, a sheet music editor where the content is stored in the URL.

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