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My blog. My shell. The dwelling of the random sparkles inside my mind.

About Me

Operating since 1995, I have been mostly healthy and required rare maintenances. I’ve grown into a programmer, a music lover, and an enthusiastic cook.

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About this blog

I made this blog with Hugo. Initially, the theme is derived from the minimalist MVP.css, combined with a clean Hugo theme: Rocinante Theme, but since then, I’ve gradually re-written the CSS and templates from scratch, both as an exercise, and as a response to the innate human desire of procrastinating from more important tasks. The icons are from the great Tabler Icons project.

This site is entirely rendered server-side, apart from using MathJax for displaying math in certain posts.

On the top of this page, is the manuscript of Bach’s Sarabande in B Minor, from one of his famous Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. This is my favorite piece to play on the violin.

Also on this site

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