南蛮鸡肉三明治 Chicken Sandwich with Nanban Sauce

Pan-fried chicken thigh, immersed in Nanban Sauce

菜谱改编自 MASAの料理ABC1.

材料 / Material

南蛮酱 / Nanban Sauce

煎鸡肉 / Pan-fried Chicken

烹调 / Cooking

  1. 鸡腿肉皮朝下,把厚的地方蝴蝶切,摊平

    Place the chicken thigh skin-side down; butterfly-cut to flatten the thigh.

  2. 用刀尖浅戳鸡肉,断筋

    Poke the muscle with the tip of the knife lightly multiple times to cut connective tissues.

  3. 均匀涂抹盐和胡椒,腌制 15 分钟,使鸡肉基本恢复成室温

    Evenly rub salt and pepper into the chicken thigh; rest for 15 minutes so the chicken gets to room temperature.

  4. 热锅,少油,中大火,将鸡肉均匀沾粉,皮朝下放入锅中

    Hot pan, a little oil, medium-high heat. Cover the chicken with starch or flour. Into the pan skin-side down.

  5. 煎至金黄,翻面

    Flip when the skin becomes golden.

  6. 两面都金黄以后,加入酱汁,调成中火

    Add sauce when both sides are golden; turn heat to medium.

  7. 拨动、翻面,让鸡肉吸收酱汁

    Move around and flip the chicken so it absorbs the sauce.

  8. 关火,在锅中静置 5 分钟

    Turn off heat and rest for 5 minutes.

  9. 切两片面包,将多余的酱汁涂在内侧,夹好鸡肉

    Prepare two slices of bread, and spread extra sauce onto the slices. Place the chicken thigh between the slices.


Chicken Sandwich with Nanban Sauce, Done!

总结 / Summary


According to my experiments, it makes no difference using starch or flour, since the goal is to absorb more sauce.


The original Nanban sauce recipe had half a table spoon of sugar. I used a little less than that to emphasize more on the acidity and umami.

参考资料 / References