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Setting Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors through DBus for KDE Plasma

The Problem KDE Plasma is my favorite Linux DE, and it has its quirks and warts. The support for multiple monitors, for example, is fairly buggy at times, especially when monitors are turned on and off.

TIL: HTML Has a <time> Tag

Today I learned that HTML has a <time> tag which supplements a written date and time with a machine-readable format.1 Supposedly, this helps with parsability, and in turn, good for accessibility.

A few fun discoveries about Stable Diffusion

Testing the literary limit of Stable Diffusion with literature

Fixing Grub2 Theme Preview on Opensuse Tumbleweed

To use Grub2 theme preview on openSUSE, two environment variables needs to be overridden.

Making Score In URL

Announcing Score In URL, a sheet music editor where the content is stored in the URL.

Test Md Page

A Markdown document that tests various properties of a static site generator.

Theme-less Hugo, Almost Pure HTML, Styled with MVP CSS

Theme-less Hugo As popular as theming is, I can’t help but feel unsatisfied by a plug-and-use theme made by someone else.

A Constant Solution to Code-Fights Apple Boxes Problem

The Apple Boxes Problem The problem can be simply put: Input: $k$ Output: let $r$ be the sum of the square of each even integer no larger than $k$, and $y$ be that of the odd.

Count 1s in Range

在 codefights 上做到了一个很有意思的题。给你 a, b 两

Valid Number - By DFA

Introduction to the Problem The question asks the programmer to validate whether a string is a valid representation of a number.

Exceptional Control Flow

Reading Notes on CSAPP

Binary Search Tree implemented by C++

This is a simple implementation of binary search tree implemented by C++.

Production of Sentences and Properties of Languages: Parsing Techniques Notes (2)

some notes on Parsing Techniques A Practical Guide

Generative Grammar and Four Types of Grammars: Parsing Techniques Notes (1)

some notes on Parsing Techniques A Practical Guide